Fave Find: Pearl & Daisy Skin Tonic


I confess: I don’t really love lavender. The scent just doesn’t do it for me. But lavender loves my skin. A lot. Pretty much every skin care product made with lavender has done wonders for my complexion. This new discovery of mine is no exception!

I stumbled upon Pearl & Daisy Lavender Skin Tonic when I was at Whole Foods a few months back. Its ingredient list is super simple and very clean: just lavender, witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin. They also have a rosewater option and a neroli option, which I’m sure are just as lovely. I was also thrilled to discover that the company is Nova Scotian (three cheers for Canada!).

I basically use this skin tonic in place of a toner, but I don’t use it every single day. It helps refresh my skin when it’s feeling a bit congested, or when it’s breaking out. True story: I even got my husband to try it, and now it swears by it!

Something tells me there will be more lavender skin products in my future…


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