Let’s talk sunscreen…

Okay seriously, how stressful is choosing sunscreen? It should really not be this complicated. But somehow, the sunscreen aisle seems to have quadrupled in size, with about a million options, while skin cancer rates seem to have skyrocketed…and we’re still as confused as ever!

To keep it simple, I refer to EWG’s sunscreen guide, and stick to physical (as opposed to chemical), mineral-based sunscreens: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The formulas are much, much better than back in the day, so you don’t end up completely white from head to toe. Thank goodness! I also follow EWG’s advice to stay away from spray sunscreens, and not to be fooled by high SPFs. Oh, and I avoid parabens and phthalates, of course.

Generally, I buy two sunscreens: one for face, and a slightly more budget-friendly one for body. This year, here are my two:

  • Tarteguard 30: This is a new one on the market, and unfortunately, it’s not in the EWG system yet. It’s a perfect facial sunscreen that’s non-greasy and not insanely expensive.
  • Alba Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30): I’ve been using Alba sunscreens for years and years. I love it! It absorbs really well.

Here are a few other sunscreen tips & tricks I’ve picked up over the years:

  • It doesn’t matter how pretty the scent is, skip strongly scented formulas. You’re wearing sunscreen because you’re outside, right? Guess what else is outside: bees and other bugs. And they loooove beautifully scented sunscreens. Ick.
  • Skip the lip gloss. Stick with SPF lip balm instead. Shiny lip glosses actually attract UV rays and increase light penetration. True story.
  • Reapply with mineral powder makeup. I know, I know, EWG says “no” to powder sunscreens. But honestly, how else do you apply SPF on your face?
  • Stay out of the midday sun. Obviously! That’s 11 to 2, folks.

What are your favourite sunscreens? Sunscreen tips?


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