Follow up: How often do you wash your hair?

So a while ago, waaay back in February, I posted about the allure, and dilemma, of not shampooing every day. Everyone says it’s better for your hair to skip at least a day or two, but it’s nearly impossible to get started because, until your hair and scalp get used to it, let’s face it–your hair is greasy. And greasy hair is gross. Seriously, the struggle is real!

Have I finally conquered my hair? In a word, yes. To be totally honest, I still can’t go any longer than two days without shampooing, but I’m pretty happy with that. I can safely say that it does get better: slowly, your hair and scalp get less greasy. Thank goodness for that, because not only was I annoyed, but I was annoying everyone around me by talking about it.

Thanks to those who gave me advice for how to do it. Some tips were particularly useful. These were my faves:

  • Using dry shampoo on clean hair. Thanks to my hairstylist, and Michelle, of Beauty Editor, for this tip. Turns out I’ve been using dry shampoo all wrong. Surprisingly (at least, to me), dry shampoo absorbs way better on freshly washed, clean hair, and works to prevent, rather than counteract, greasy hair and scalp. Anyone else tried this?
  • Washing hair along the hairline on in-between days. This one’s thanks to Michelle too. I do tend to find this a bit tricky to put into practice, but it definitely works.
  • Stop running your hands through your hair. Thanks to Janine, from Beauty Geeks, here. So true. So, so true.
  • Choosing the right shampoo. I heard this from a few people, including a comment on my original post. I think I still need some help here. Anyone have suggestions for a great natural shampoo (sulphate-free) that still works, and is safe for colour-treated hair? Anyone? I’d love some recommendations.

I think my final word of advice for anyone contemplating this is: go for it! You can do it! Just be patient.


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