Fave find: Fable naturals


I first encountered Fable Naturals at a trade show a while back. There were tons of other natural skin care companies around, but what really drew my eye was their awesome cardboard/paper packaging for their lip balm–absolutely plastic-free! How cool is that? When I found out the products were also fair trade, I was hooked. This Vancouver-based company sources as many fair trade ingredients as they can, and crafts small product batches lovingly, and typically by hand.

I had the opportunity to meet with Gwen, Fable’s founder, and chat with her about her awesome products. She also gave me a goodie bag filled with products to try and review for my blog. So, in no particular order, here they are!

Cedar & Sage bar soap

I’m typically not a fan of bar soaps, finding them a bit messy or strong-smelling, but I was pleasantly surprised by this mildly scented Cedar & Sage bar soap. I’m actually really surprised how much I liked the scent, because I usually gravitate toward a sweeter smell. Unlike some other natural bar soaps, this one lathered really well, and it lasted quite a while too. Oh, and I’m totally in love with the cute packaging!

Verdict? It would take a lot to get me away from using liquid land soap, but this is a close second. A very close second.

Rosehip & Olive Nourishing Facial Oil

This Rosehip & Olive Nourishing Facial Oil might be my favourite product of the bunch. Seriously, it’s awesome. I’ve been using argan oil on my face for a while now, but only at night, because I do find that even the “light” version leaves me a bit more greasy than glowing. Still, my skin is a big fan of facial oils. This one didn’t give me that greasy feeling at all, so I could wear it under my makeup during the day, or apply it at night. And it smells amazing!

Verdict? I’d buy this again, hands-down. Actually I’d consider buying their other facial products too (they’re surprisingly reasonably priced), including their facial exfoliant and moisturizer.

Lemon & Lavender sugar scrub

I’ve found that in general, people either love lavender or they hate it. Unfortunately, I’m one of the latter, so I was a little worried about this Lemon & Lavender sugar scrub. But I shouldn’t have been. The lemon balances it out really nicely, so it’s a nice subtle smell that’s relaxing and fresh at the same time. I’ve used sugar scrubs before in the shower, and loved them. This was was no different! It feels great and invigorating on tired skin, and I like that it helps to prevent/reduce ingrown hairs from shaving your legs.

Verdict? In a perfect world, I might prefer a slightly less messy container, such as a squeeze bottle, but it’s not a big deal. I’d buy this again, and I’d also stock up to give some as gifts.

Rosemary & Mint body lotion

I guess I should technically apply body lotion every day, but I really only do after I shave my legs. Nonetheless, I love a good body lotion. It’s a bit trickier to find in a natural product, in my experience, because some don’t seem to absorb super well, and just leave a white film on your legs. Ick. But this Rosemary & Mint body lotion absorbed really nicely and smelled great. What more can you ask for?

Verdict? I would definitely buy a full size lotion once my other ones run out. I might play around with the different scent options, but I’m a big fan of this one too.


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