#thatcleanlife Clean Eating Challenge

I love it when I hear from fellow bloggers with similar interests and passions. When I got an email from Abigail Keeso of That Clean Life (website and blog here) asking me if I wanted to do one of her clean eating challenges, I was all in.

I actually have no problem with doing the occasional detox or cleanse (except for liquid-only cleanses, which sound like the worst thing ever), but I do have a hard time finding time to plan everything out beforehand with my busy schedule. The Spring Break Detox was only 6 days long, and Abigail had already set up grocery lists in advance, so it wasn’t too tricky after all.

And the recipes were delicious! Here are some of my favourites. (Please excuse my food photography; I’m still new at this!)

Breakfast Bowl

This has actually become my new favourite breakfast. And it’s grain free, so no starting the day feeling bloated! The nut butter keeps you full, and the berries add that sweetness that a lot of people crave in the morning.

Sweet Potato Chips

Yum! I never realized homemade chips were so easy to make, but I’ll definitely be doing this again. The squeeze of lime juice over top really completes it.Chicken Salad

This Cleaned Up Chicken Salad was one of my favourites by far. Super easy to make and a great lunch for work. I would probably add pecans or walnuts next time.


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