Best Hostess Gifts


Recently I had a few girlfriends over for a girls’ night in–something I don’t do nearly as often I should or would like to. It’s so great to have everyone together, chat and laugh about little things, and enjoy some good food and drinks. I even made homemade sangria for the first time!

I was given this beautiful planter of adorable little succulents as a host gift by two of my friends, which has taken up residence in my kitchen beside my cookbook collection. I love it! I had actually talked myself out of buying some for my house earlier that day at a farmers’ market, which I’m pretty sure is called fate.

I love gifting. I can’t help it. And the only thing better than receiving an adorable and unexpected gift is giving one, in my opinion. I think the key to it giving something a little special that you wouldn’t necessarily buy (or make) for yourself. A bottle of wine is always great, but I do appreciate a unique or personalized touch.

Here are some of my favourite hostess gifts.

What are your favourite hostess gifts?


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