Fave Find: Little Life Box

Look what came in the mail!

Not long ago, I was approached by a company called Little Life Box, asking me if I’d like to review their product. As my first so-called “sponsored” blog post, this was very exciting! And thankfully, I have plenty of great things to say about it.

Basically, the premise is that, for a reasonable cost, they send subscribers a box every month filled with natural/eco-friendly goodies–everything from supplements to skin care to snacks.

This gives people a chance to sample great products on the market, so it’s ideal for people who want to try out natural products in a cost-effective way, or for people who want to stay on top of the latest products and trends. (I’m tempted to add that it’s also for anyone who would like to receive mail that’s awesome, and not bills. What’s better than getting a package in the mail? Honestly.)

The package received promptly, and filled to the brim with great products. here are a couple of my favourite:

  • EcoTools ECOPOUF Mini Sponge: I love EcoTools’ makeup brushes and use them every day, but I didn’t realize they had a much wider product range! It’s great for lathering my eco-friendly shower gel. Best of all, it’s recycled and recyclable!
  • Montage Jeunesse Manuka Honey Mask: I love that companies are recognizing the healing powers in natural ingredients, and manuka honey is one of those amazing natural ingredients–packed with antibacterial ingredients without being packed with chemicals. I don’t give myself enough time for at-home pampering, but I really should, because doing a great face mask at the end of a long day is pure bliss!
  • Bounce Coconut Macadamia Protein Bliss: I munched on this as my mid-morning snack one workday, and was amazed as how delicious it was. I shouldn’t have been surprised though, considering it contains some of my favourite ingredients–namely, coconut and macadamia. And I also love that it’s GMO-free.

The verdict? Little Life Box is a great, fun way to get exposed to awesome products you might otherwise not know exist. A definite win!

Find out more about Little Life Box…
on their website: littlelifebox.com
on Twitter: @LittleLifeBox1


4 thoughts on “Fave Find: Little Life Box

  1. Hey Leah!

    Loving your blog! I also just received my first Little Life Box in the mail this week and I love it!! I will definitely be ordering one for April!! Did you get the Free for All Kitchen Gluten-Free crackers in your box as well? If so, what did you think? 🙂

    I agree that it’s exciting to receive a package in the mail rather than bills!!! I am looking forward to trying the honey mask a well!!

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!!

    Take care,


    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      I did receive the crackers. Unfortunately, after reading the package I realized that quinoa was one of the ingredients, which I can’t eat. (Nothing against quinoa–it’s super healthy and I actually love it, but I think I’m allergic to it because it’s given me stomach pains in the past. Oh well.) I gave the crackers to my mom and she said they were fantastic!

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